Conrad Program Transitions to UNT Dallas

  Now, in our twenty-eighth year of operations, it’s important to attract even more students, provide ever more impactful internship opportunities and transition to a more sustainable model. With this goal in mind, the Dr. Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program now will be managed by the University of North Texas at Dallas. The ability to have […]

Successful Job Skills

Question:  What job skills do you feel are most important to maintaining a successful career in your field? Comment: I’ve worked in many industries in numerous roles.  In my opinion, the most important skills that have worked for me are: 1) The ability to be flexible and adapt to change. You need to constantly sharpen […]

What’s Happening: Join the Conversation

What is your generation? How do you fit in with your company? How are you surviving in a multi-generational workplace? What do you see as challenges and opportunities of working in a multi-generational workplace? How do you work with others who are not in your generation? Click on the Online Mentoring Blog post and/or log on to the Alumni Association's Facebook page and join the conversation.