Work/Life Balance

Question: How do you balance work and personal time? Comment: “First, I had to realize that work/life balance means different things to different people, and that it changes over time online singulair. At certain points in my career, I had to put in extra hours, and at other times, I could take more family time. […]

Company Activities

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Successful Job Skills

Question:  What job skills do you feel are most important to maintaining a successful career in your field? Comment: I’ve worked in many industries in numerous roles.  In my opinion, the most important skills that have worked for me are: 1) The ability to be flexible and adapt to change. You need to constantly sharpen […]

What’s Happening: Join the Conversation

What is your generation? How do you fit in with your company? How are you surviving in a multi-generational workplace? What do you see as challenges and opportunities of working in a multi-generational workplace? How do you work with others who are not in your generation? Click on the Online Mentoring Blog post and/or log on to the Alumni Association's Facebook page and join the conversation.