There are several ways that you can sponsor or otherwise financially support the Dr. Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program:

Employment Sponsors These sponsors provide paid or non-paid internship placements and represent a variety of industries requiring interns from various majors and fields of interest.Event Sponsors:  Several individuals or organizations choose to financially support the Conrad Program by underwriting selected events or activities.Scholarship Sponsors:  Through the support of corporate and private patrons, several scholarships have been established that are awarded annually to the interns. Students are nominated for these scholarships. Participation in the community service projects and other related events is a criterion for the awarding of scholarships and re-application to the program. There are several different scholarships but the main criteria are the same as follows: The student must:

  • Have met the application deadline.
  • Have met all criterion requirements, including attendance at Mandatory Orientation.
  • Reside in Senatorial District 23.
  • Currently be placed as an active intern or serve as an associate intern.
  • Have not been referred by Staff, Officers, Leadership Council, or Sponsors for attitude problems.
  • Have not been referred by Staff or Sponsors for disciplinary action.
  • Not have RSVP’d for an event and then not attended.
  • Show financial need.


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