Do I have to participate in programs, projects, and events associated with the Conrad Program?

  • If accepted and placed with a sponsor or serving as an Associate Intern, an intern MUST attend and participate in one service learning project and two professional development sessions.  60% of the intern’s evaluation comes directly from their participation. Students who do not participate in the program’s events are not allowed to apply the next year. The program is much more than just a job.

Do I have to have permanent residence in District 23 to apply?

  • No, first priority is given to District 23 college students but the opportunity is open to any eligible applicant. 

Do I have to have a particular major to be in this program?

  • The Conrad Program is open to all eligible college students, regardless of major or field of study.

How much does it cost to be in the Conrad Program?

  • There are no fees for students to be considered for or participate in the program! Students earn salaries from their employers during the summer internships.

I am currently attending a junior college. Am I eligible?

  • No, participation is limited to students attending four-year colleges because we did not want to duplicate other programs that target community college students.

How do I find out if I am qualified for the program?

  • For students, admission to the program is not automatic. Students must meet the minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • Each student must be enrolled in a four-year college and must provide references, an academic transcript, a 250-word essay, a resume and a community service or volunteer work reference.
  • Those who complete the on-line application are then reviewed for criterion compliance. If accepted at that point, the applicant is notified that they have passed the first step and must attend a MANDATORY ORIENTATION. Each applicant must then attend and pass a Selection Committee Interview before being eligible to interview with prospective employers.

To learn more about the requirements, check the on-line application.

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