Male/Female Rap Session 2014 - Officers

Intern Spotlight

Conrad Interns are expected to participate in as many community services projects, character-building workshops, and related events as possible.  Forty (60%) of the intern’s evaluation comes directly from their participation, and this can prohibit a student from his/her ability to reapply in future years and consideration for scholarships, as well as receive reference/recommendation letters for scholarships, pledging, employment, etc.

This page is reserved to spotlight some of the interns who have met that criteria that we call PPIs = Positively Placed Interns.

What’s Happening: Join the Conversation

What is your generation? How do you fit in with your company? How are you surviving in a multi-generational workplace? What do you see as challenges and opportunities of working in a multi-generational workplace? How do you work with others who are not in your generation? Click on the Online Mentoring Blog post and/or log on to the Alumni Association's Facebook page and join the conversation.