Alum Spotlight: Byron Busby

Meet Byron Busby –  a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington.

Byron is a Conrad Alum and a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Communications Technology and a minor in Mathematics.  Byron is currently employed by KPMG LLP as a Senior Tax Technology Analyst. Byron was a two-year Conrad Intern and has been an Alum for 13 years.  During his Conrad summers, he interned at DISD and at Allstate Insurance Company.

Says Byron of his Conrad Program experience:

“The Conrad Program was monumental during a pivotal time.  As I attended the first orientation, I was not sure what direction to take in life. I knew my interests, but I was NOT interested in the path with the most resistance. I then interacted with professionals who often uttered thought-provoking statements that lingered in times of indecisiveness. They taught me the path of least resistance is not always the best and to put forth effort to achieve something vs. having it handed to you because the rewards significantly outweigh each other. On top of that, I was grouped with 50+ peers who had the same personal struggles and interests, but were being led by the same mentors. A common bond was shared although we had different goals. The benefit – we supported & motivated each other to reach our respective goals. As a result, a personal motto was developed when it comes to the Conrad Program, “I am a product, therefore I must help produce.”

Byron’s advice for current Conrad Interns:

“Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. Become a standout by participating and involving yourself in service that benefits others. Understand that you are humanly designed for obstacles. Find mentors to help guide you to the past of MOST resistance because the path of LEAST resistance is commonly traveled and often leads to a dead end. Along this winding road and through these various obstacles, you will miraculously discover your passion. Once you find your passion, your passion will follow you…”

Byron’s hobbies: Enjoying new experiences via travel, new ideas, suggestions, discussions, etc. Mentoring ambitious young adults, and mostly enjoying the fruits of my labor in various capacities.





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