Things To Do Before Your Interview

Things to Do Before Your Interview

To increase your chances for success:

  • Research the Company. Know what they do; try to find out what problems they are trying to solve. (Remember: the interview IS NOT all about YOU.)
  • Try to get an idea of who you will be interviewing with. (Different people have different questions and are looking for different things. For example: the HR person is trying to assess “Do you fit in”? The Hiring Manager is trying to assess “Can you do the work”?)
  • Practice your response to interview questions. (This is not for them to be ‘canned”, but for you to be succinct in your answers.)
  • Remember: All interview questions are designed to assess three (3) things:
    1. Can you do the work (your skills)?
    2. Will you do the work (your attitude)?
    3. Will you fit in (the culture)?
  • Take a recent copy of your resume with you the interview. (Always.)
  • Dress appropriately for the interview.
  • Arrive ahead of time for your scheduled interview.

What’s Happening: Join the Conversation

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